Blue Nun ICE Premium is the ultimate natural German Ice Wine with bespoke quality and refreshing refinement. Handmade from specially selected grapes, every drop of ICE premium is precious and unforgettable

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 33 cm
Quality designation

Prädikatswein Auslese

Origin / Growing region

Rheinhessen, Germany


F. W. Langguth Erben


7.5% vol

Bottle Height/Weight

353 mm by 1.0 kg

Serving temperature

12 – 14° C


8.0 g/l

Residual sugar

130.0 g/l


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This ICE Premium balances a soft edge with intense fruity sweetness. The wine has prominent notes of sweet, rich peach fruit dressed in a fine apple palate and some lemon notes. A fine sweetness on the finish rewards with an intense note of fruity grapes.

Taste and Mood Pairing

The soft, fruity sweetness of ICE Premium  tastes best “on the rocks”, making it the perfect wine for festive occasions, when it can be enjoyed with desserts or as a deliciously smooth after-dinner drink. 


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