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When they ask Red or White, think BLUE

Each Blue Nun wine is a bouquet of delight for the senses, from crisp and alluring, to the sweet and bubbly,
we have a meticulously crafted blend to serenade every taste palate.

Sweet / Sparkling / Light24K GOLD EDITION

24K Gold Edition is Blue Nun’s signature sparkling wine. It has an elegant essence that would rival any work of art, with authentic 24 karat gold flakes dancing amidst warm bubbles.

Elegant/ Jazzy / IntricateSPARKLING ROSÉ EDITION

Blue Nun Sparkling ROSÉ is a fragrant sparkly dripping in class and jazz. It combines the sophisticated aura of bubbly wine with the sweet and playful intensity of fruity aromas.

Graceful/ Classy / FreshSPARKLING Silver Edition Alch. Free

The Blue Nun Sparkling Silver Edition is our ode to the vivacious soul who appreciates excellent sparkling wine without alcohol.

Versatile / Soft/ IntenseAUTHENTIC WHITE

Aromatic, fruity, and racy – that is how connoisseurs love their wines from the River Rhine. The Blue Nun AUTHENTIC WHITE has a fine balance, softness, and depth of fruit flavor.

Deep/ Seductive/ SmoothICE PREMIUM

Blue Nun ICE Premium is the ultimate natural German Ice Wine with bespoke quality and refreshing refinement. Handmade from specially selected grapes, every drop of ICE premium is precious and unforgettable 

Refined/ Alluring/ VibrantPINK ICE

PINK ICE presents the alluring magic and romance of Spain in a seductively red bottle. This sensational wine is the ultimate mark of refinement.

Heady/ Light/ BalancedMEDINET ROGUE

Medinet Rouge is a boisterous and full wine, brimming with joie de vive and carrying the fragrances of the South of France.

Vibrant/ Delicate/ SubtleMEDINET BLANC

Medinet Blanc is a confident wine, one that is full of character and joyful camaraderie. Each sniff and sip is a beautiful dance of fine-aromatic, balanced fragrances, playing easily on the senses.


Sensual/ Captivating/ RichMEDINET ROSE

Medinet Rose can only be described as a pure delight. This vivacious enjoyment of wine is sure to kiss all your senses awake.


Blue nun Cabernet Sauvignon is a smooth and spicy wine designed to lightly tickle the palate as it blooms into its full rich body.

Full/Sweet/ IndulgentCABERNET SAUVIGNON (sweet)

This robust, redolent wine would be better regarded as the elixir of the gods. It has all the strength and maturity of a classic red wine with a mellow twist of blackberry.

Intricate/ Enthralling/ PlumMERLOT

Merlot is a rich medium-dry wine made from the best Merlot grapes from the Languedoc region.


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