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What is Blue Nun?

Our brand has seen a long historic road which started from our original Mainz creator H. Sichel Söhne, a company with roots dating back to 1857. We rode the fame wave through the 1950s to the 80s, swelling with popularity as we spread our sparkling glow throughout the world. As we changed homes from Söhne to Langguth in 1996, we continue to delight thousands of wine lovers around the globe.

Where can I buy your wines?

Our wines are available for sale in selected stores and outlets across Nigeria.

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I am a drink vendor. How can I become a Blue Nun distributor?

Please send us a mail using the contact form below.

Do you host tasting events or wine tours?

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Storage & Serving

What temperature should I store my wine at?

Each of our wines comes with a specific temperature range for storage and serving. This typically falls between 6-17 degrees.

I like the 24k Gold Edition wine,but I am a little concerned. Is the gold edible?

Yes, 100%. We use pure and real 24 karat gold, the only kind of gold-certified safe for consumption. The wine itself is sparkling and bubbly, so the gold is totally stabilized and safe to drink.

How should I serve Blue Nun wines?

Blue Nun wines can be enjoyed with all kinds of meals and aperitifs. You can also enjoy our wine solo.

What ingredients do you use in your wine?

We use a selection of quality premium-grade European grapes. Our main ingredient is pure authentic Riesling, sourced directly from the banks of the River Rhine.

Are your wines alcoholic?

Most of our wines have an alcohol content of 13.5% and above. We also offer alcohol-free options for people who prefer to enjoy excellent sparkling wine without alcohol.

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